Yoga with Devon

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Warm welcome all! My name is Devon and I am a qualified Yoga Instructor.  I have been practicing and teaching Yoga now for a number of years and am thoroughly enjoying this Yoga journey that I am on, that hopefully you will join me on too. I am someone who is borderline obsessed with health and fitness which is how I fell in love with Yoga! After looking into the benefits of practicing Yoga and then finally attending a Yoga class, I felt so good and positive after the class that I had to not only continue to practice but I wanted to teach too! I am always in the process of continuing to learn and develop everything I know about not only Yoga but health and fitness too, through studying various courses. 

The style of Yoga I teach is ideal for beginners. 

I take great pride in my style of teaching. Making my group classes accommodating to all and my personal one to one classes tailor made to suit your long term and short term goals. So if you are new to Yoga and are looking for a fun way to get fit, lose weight and get more flexible. 

You have certainly come to the right place!

I look forward to embarking on this Yoga journey with you!

Lets get healthy in mind, body and spirit!




To get into the History of Yoga is a very vast territory, so I'll keep this part short and simple. The origins of Yoga date back to over 5000 years, originating in ancient India and is basically a group of practices consisting of physical postures and mental and spiritual practices, all coming together to better ones life.  

What makes Yoga so appealing to many people worldwide is the numerous benefits the practice of Yoga has. There are many branches of Yoga, however all styles can help balance your body, mind and spirit. Whether spiritual or not, the physical practice of Yoga is a great way to stretch and strengthen your body and focus your mind and I truly believe everybody, young and elderly, abled bodied or not can benefit tremendously from practicing Yoga. 



  • Increased flexibility 

  • Improved cardio and circulatory health 

  • Improvement in athletic performance 

  • Increased muscle strength and tone 

  • Weight reduction 

  • Improved respiration, energy and vitality 

  • Increases blood flow

  • Boost metabolism 

  • Increases self-esteem

  • Improves concentration 

  • Helps to manage stress

  • More energy and brighter moods!

Hopefully that was enough to convince you to atleast try out a class with me, if so or if you have any questions please contact me on the below contact details...

Hope to see you soon,